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Fluxana is a partner for professional applications in x-ray fluorescence analysis. From the first basic steps to the most difficult problem, Fluxana supports you with a wide range of products and comprehensive knowledge.

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Fluxana Products

Vitriox Electric

Vitriox® Electric

The Vitriox Electric has fusion technology and is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence instrument.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Highest Precision
  • Full Microprocessor Control
  • High-Temperature Control
  • Works with all Common Flux Mixtures
  • Compatible with Vitriox Gas
Vitriox Gas

Vitriox® Gas

The fusion technology is used to prepare samples to be analyzed with an X-ray fluorescence instrument.

  • Cold-to-Cold Automation
  • Touch Display and USB port
  • Full Microprocessor Control​
  • Storage of Multiple Application Settings
  • Storage of 10 Different Fusion Programs
  • Safety Housing
  • Optional ICP/AAS and Peroxide Stations
Boramat Material Doser

BORAMAT® Material Doser

This automatic closing machine for flux in XRF analysis is designed to improve day-to-day routine in the laboratory.

  • Universal Bottle Connection
  • Easy Changing and Refilling
  • Bottle for up to 3 kg Flux
  • Intelligent Dosage Control
  • Documentation of Weighing Protocols
  • Ready for LIMS
  • Fast, Precise Dosage
  • Free from Contamination

Types of Calibration Standards

Cement, Raw Meal, Clinker
Raw Materials for Cement, Glass and Steel Industry
Oxidic Raw Materials

The standard materials form the basis for every xrf application. Very often, no appropriately fitting standard is available for the application. FLUXANA has developed a special method to create customer specific standards on glass, cellulose and polymer base. The result is a wide variety of single and multi-elemental samples which can be used for calibration and development purposes.

All standard calibrations are developed in Fluxana's laboratory. Fluxana accepts your test samples for evaluation in their laboratory and can work together with you to develop new methods of installment.

All application packages listed in this catalog are operated in the FLUXANA application laboratory under ISO 17025 conditions. This makes it easy to support you with all documents for your own ISO 17025 accreditation.

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