Coating and Thin Films

Apex offers measurements in coat weight, coating thickness, lamination and moisture to ensure repeatable results in paper production.

Paper is one of our most environmentally friendly products, composed of 2/3 recycled material and the remainder obtained from sustainable forestry. Trees are a renewable resource providing us with not only wood for construction but for consumable products from tissue, tape and paper cups to large scale printing and packaging materials. The world's largest resource used for wrapping, printing and packaging material is paper. Depending on the type of paper and its usage determines its process for conversion which is the transformation from raw material to a usable manufactured product.

Image of stacked paper for industrial printing.

Paper manufacturing goes through many scientific processes that can be manipulated to control the physical properties such as weight, thickness, color, strength, and moisture. Although most of these variables remain fixed after the paper is made, the moisture content begins to change almost immediately. To prevent curling from dehydration, or deterioration from too much coating moisture, inconstancy in thickness, and other malformities Apex works with companies using scientifically proven, quality control measures to help them gain the high-quality, uniformed paper product that is desired.

Thickness gauging is a calibrated process in measuring the thickness and/or weight of paper, flexible packaging and the coatings on it. During the lamination process, it is imperative that the two materials are bonded together without trapping air bubbles while maintaining elongated printing tensions and maintaining proper elastic modulus. For optimized production, sound measurements are required to gauge the coatings; one for the substrate prior to the coating and then another after the coating process. Proper measurements and monitoring not only promotes efficiency but also reduce production delays and wasted scrap material.

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